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Vitamin D from Aaron Wenzel on Vimeo.

handle:--:vitamin-d:|~|:mcontattr:--: data-id='34905' class='cluster-wrapper zp ba-34905':|~|:clstid:--:9894:|~|:mcontclstpadd:--:cluster-padding-medium:|~|:prdattr:--: data-id='34904' class='row zp ba-34904':|~|:prdbdhtml:--:Known as the "sunshine vitamin", Vitamin D is essential for cell growth, hormone production, reducing inflammation, and improving your immune system. It also regulates the production of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Our high quality Vitamin D3 formulation is the closest match to what sunlight produces in humans. Each of our bottles of Vitamin D3 contains thirty (30) 5,000 IU tablets.:|~|:descfnts:--: class='offset-bottom-sm product-description word-wrap wo zp pda-34904':|~|:prdbtnattr:--: class='btn-custom lime-color-btn add-to-cart-btn button-medium zp bcss-34904':|~|:prdbtnltp:--:product:|~|:prdbtncpt:--:I NEED VITAMIN D!:|~|:prdurl:--: